Custom Manufacturer of Gearmotors and Linear Actuators

KB Gearmotor designs and manufactures custom gearmotors and linear actuators. We take the time to understand the customer’s application, performance requirements, size constraints and noise quality. We then design the gearmotor or linear actuator to meet or exceed these requirements in a cost competitive manner. We specialize in fractional horsepower and larger with an emphasis on noise reduction and higher power density to size ratio. No volume is too large or too small. We can take your existing unit and address any quality issues, noise concerns and/or increase the motor's horsepower in the same size package while cutting your cost in the process. We are especially suited for the medical, hospital, agricultural, industrial, sports and fitness markets.


Design Services & Contract Manufacturing

In addition to designing and manufacturing gearmotors and linear actuators we offer design services and contract manufacturing. Whether you are seeking a totally new design or improvement in performance or cost of an existing design, we have the resources to achieve your goals. Anything from the most basic component or mechanism to a complete assembly, KB Gearmotor can satisfy your needs. We will partner with you from development to final production of your mechanism or complex electromechanical assembly, providing you a with a complete and final product that can be proprietary and private labeled to your specific company.


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